Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Knitting and other pleasures

OK, so what place does a post about knitting have on a beading blog I hear you ask. Well, put quite simply I have recently been inspired to pick up my needles again. For the last 3 years I have been doing various beading courses, currently a City & Guilds Bead Needle Weaving Level 2. This has left very little time in my life for my other loves - knitting and sewing. In fact life recently seems to consist of wake up, go to work, go home, eat, bead for an hour or two and then sleep again. And so the days fly past. (I can't believe that it is almost April again!) Two weeks ago I attended a craft group started by two of my friends. I was suddenly reminded of why I love spending time with creative people - their generosity and support. Two people have started knitting again after a long gap and another is venturing into patchwork for the first time. Seeing their enthusiasm and talent has inspired me. When I returned home I leafed through some of my knitting and patchwork books and contemplated my fairly substantial yarn and fabric stash. However for the time being I need to concentrate on my beading. I must not be distracted!

I have been struggling with my latest beading project recently, a decorative object based on passion flowers. The aim is to cover a vase with flowers, leaves and tendrils and then add a bug or two. So far I have covered most of the vase and sampled the flowers but it is not coming easily.

Easter weekend was great. I was lucky enough to get the whole four days off and I really enjoyed them. The only grey spot (literally!) was the weather. I had arranged to meet up with some friends to visit a local garden on Sunday which was open as part of the National Gardens Scheme. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain on Sunday morning so we had to cancel. Instead I spent a happy day beading while my other half baked bread and hot cross buns. On Monday my husband came up with the idea of going to visit another garden which is only open to the public occaisionally. We spent much of our time sheltering under trees to escape the hail and sleet showers. I did enjoy myself despite the unseasonal weather and took lots of pictures, but I wish that I had worn my thermal underwear!

A brief sunny spell between hail showers. I caught sight of this shadow on the wall whilst setting up another shot. It shows how strong the sun was that day

Spring is here! I love hellebores and so could not resist taking this shot. Their ability to bloom in even the severest weather always amazes me.
I would love to design a range of beadwork around these beautiful flowers.


chesh said...

your pictures are beautiful! i love the wall in particular. So glad you have started this blog and I can't wait to see your beadwork on here! I must show you my patchwork made with the lovely fabric you gave me:)

nĂ  said...

hello there! thanks lots for stopping by my blog to say hello and leave such a nice comment! what a lovely new blog you have here too! your beading sounds very much fun and also quite difficult - i can't even knit, myself! your photos are lovely too! ooh, and snap - i made hot cross buns this weekend too! have a good day :)

a girl in winter said...

Beautiful photos! I look forward to seeing pictures of your stunning beadwork on here.