Monday, 12 May 2008

Beads and Knitting

Although I have recently been distracted by knitting. I am primarily a beader at heart. Whilst knitting some socks recently I was irritated that I could not use my conventional row counter on double pointed needles. So I found a pattern for a beaded row counter bracelet designed by Kate at West End Design Knits. Great - an opportunity to use my beads to help me with my knitting. So I raided my substantial bead stash and half an hour later I came up with this.

I had some trouble with the coloured tiger tail (not my favourite beading thread) so the toggle bar end is not as neat as I would like but otherwise I am really pleased with it. It works on an abacus principle. Each time you complete a row you move a pearl through the beaded ring (strung on elastic thread) and then when you have done 10 rows you move a crystal through as well, and so on up to 99. Then you start again. I can't wait to try it out with my next pair of socks.

I have finished the Prismatic scarf for my Mum using the Manos del Uruguay hand-dyed yarn. It is beautifully soft and is a pleasure to wear. Although it is a bit too hot to wear it at the moment - it is currently around 24 degrees C outside.

My next project will be for my Mother-in-law and I am going to make her a lace shawl. She is in hospital at the moment. Thankfully her illness is not as serious as we first though but she is still has a long recovery period ahead of her. It will be nice to sit and knit it for her, sending lots of positive thoughts and hopes for a speedy recovery. One of my friends, who has recently learnt to knit, was entranced when I said that the movements would start to flow as soon as she relaxed and enjoyed what she was doing. She said that she could imagine thoughts and love flowing through her fingers into her knitting. What a lovely idea. I will try to do that when I am knitting the shawl.

I saw this hydrangea flowering outside my neighbour's house so I had to stop and take some photographs. I would like to use it in my beading, although I am not sure exactly how. I will add it to the dozens of potential projects currently swirling around in my brain.


a girl in winter said...

The bracelet/row counter is really clever (and lovely too). I wouldn't be able to give that gorgeous scarf away.

nĂ  said...

all of your craft work is wonderful!!! i'm so happy that your mother-in-law is better than thought, my best wishes. lovely flowers too!