Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Grand Day Out

Time has got away from me this week so I have been unable to add any updates for a while. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that things have been a bit stressful for me recently. One of the things that has helped me cope is the support of three wonderful friends. Last weekend we all went on a trip up to London for the day. I had been looking forward to it for a long time and I wasn't disappointed. First of all we went to I Knit London near Waterloo Station. I bought skein of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend in a wonderful mix of blues and greens (my favourite colours) plus some of my favourite Brittany knitting needles. I had already knitted a scarf for my Mum in this yarn so I knew that it would be very soft and wonderful to wear next to my skin. K bought a Rowan starter kit as she has only recently learnt to knit, and M bought some sock yarn. By the time we had finished in 'I Knit London' we were all hungry and thirsty so we stopped for lunch in an Italian restaurant for a delicious lunch.

My London haul

After lunch we went to Carnaby Street as I know of a small shopping arcade called Kingly Court. It is signposted about half-way down Carnaby Street but the entrance is so narrow that you could miss it altogether. I really love it - a small oasis in the heart of London. My Dad was a Londoner, born and brought up in the East End, so I used to visit London a lot as a child but we very rarely visited the usual tourist spots such as Carnaby Street and Oxford Circus. I find them too busy and touristy for my taste. However Kingly Court is different. It is full of small independently run shops and has two great places to stop for coffee. My OH and I stumbled across it one day on our way to Liberty's. I had heard of a shop called All the Fun of the Fair and thought that the others might enjoy it. It sells yarn, haberdashery and a range of handmade gifts. It was a big hit and we all spent some money there! P bought a lovely knitting needle case and some socks for her grandson, K bought a knitting kit and M and myself bought some yarn. I also paid a visit to Buffy's Beads nearby. P also bought a beautiful vintage brooch from a shop called Fur Coat No Knickers. Then it was time for tea and cake in Camelia World Teas a few doors up from All the Fun of the Fair. I had a lovely cup of mint tea made with fresh mint leaves and served in a beautiful glass teapot. I was still too full from lunch, having stuffed my face with pasta, to eat cake but the others had slices of the biggest Victoria Sandwhich Cake I have ever seen in my life. We just had time for a quick trip to Liberty's and then it was time to go back to Victoria Coach Station and the trip back home. I am really blessed to have three such creative and supportive women as my friends. As you can image the day included much laughter and it was exactly what I needed.

The amazing Victoria Sandwich Cake

I was quite tired on Sunday and so decided to have a quiet day at home. I blocked a scarf that I had knitted for my Aunt. Part of the morning was spent crawling about on my hands and knees pinning it out. M kindly lent me her blocking wires and that made things a lot easier - I must get a set of my own. It turned out beautifully so that has inspired me to make more lace scarves.

My version of Brooke Nelson's Column of Leaves Scarf

This week is flying by - it is time for my beading class again tomorrow. I really don't know where the past four weeks has gone.

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