Friday, 9 January 2009

I'm Back!

Well I have decided to start writing again. I have been feeling very low for the last few months. My Birthday just made me feel even worse. And to add insult to injury just a week before I had my eyes tested and discovered that I needed reading glasses. So now I look like the stereotypical librarian with glasses perched on the end of her nose! Thank you to all who have left nice comments on this blog while I have been away. They are much appreciated.

One thing to celebrate - after over 110 hours of work my Passion Flower vase is finally finished. I have gone through many emotions whilst creating it - frustration being the main one. However now that it is finished I am quite happy with it. Tomorrow I hand it over to my City & Guilds tutor for assessment. Now I have to start the next project, a beaded bag.

We are having the coldest winter here in Britain for 25 years. Normally we would never see snow here on the south coast but here are some pictures taken on my walk to work just over a week ago.

The daylight hours are starting to lengthen so hopefully that means Spring is on the way.


Dave Robertson said...

Hi Anniebead, your passion flower vase is incredible. I admire the intricate delicacy you've brought out in this design. Now what real flowers are going to be pretty enough to display in it?!

at Rings & Things

this is my patch said...

Such an original and beautiful piece of work. x