Friday, 28 August 2009

What I did on my holidays

I have just had two weeks off and it has been rather a jolt getting back to work. We decided not to go away this year. My knee injury put a stop to our plans to go back to Lulworth for a walking holiday. So we decided to stay at home instead. We were very lucky with the weather. This year has been rather mixed as far as Summer weather goes. One day blazing hot the next day 5 or 6 degrees cooler. The last two weeks has been glorious, hot and very sunny.

Some of the time was spent pottering around at home some on days out.

Salisbury is one of my favourite places to visit. It is easily accessible by bus from Bournemouth and there is lots to do and see. Saturday is the best day to go as there is a market in the Square selling everything from work boots to locally made beer. We often go home with a loaf of artisan bread, mouthwatering olives and a plant or two. My OH is a keen gardener and loves to browse the plant stalls selling herbs and unusual perennials and shrubs. The shops themselves are really good and I usually pay a visit to Bijoux Beads and Franklins to browse through their range of knitting yarn and fabric. Very close to Franklins is Fisherton Mill which has been converted into an arts centre. They sell a range of locally made crafts. When we visited last there was someone weaving cloth on a loom and a silversmith making jewellery. They have a great cafe selling delicious food too.

Gilbert the Dragon who has recently taken up residence in the centre of Salisbury.

One of my dear friends - P - is retiring next week and she held a Barn Dance to celebrate her and her husband's retirement. I was not able to dance unfortunately, due to my ongoing knee problem, but found watching everyone charging around the hall very entertaining. Much fun was had by all and I was able to finally meet fellow blogger Nadia, of 'Shadows and Clouds' fame, and Mr M. who were over in the UK for a visit.

A good deal of my break was taken up with knitting, sewing and beading - more about that in future posts. In search of inspiration as always I finished my holiday by visiting Wimborne to see 'The Banquet' exhibition at Walford Mill. The room was laid out for a feast. However this was a meal with a difference in that every item of food was made from non-edible materials such as wood, felt, yarn silk, glass and ceramics. I found the whole thing really inspiring and took lots of photos.

Now it is back to normality with a bump after being a lady of leisure for a fortnight.

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