Sunday, 12 December 2010

What shall I bead next?

For some reason this past week has been a bit of a struggle. I have found the cold weather particularly hard to cope with. Probably as a result of this I have found myself completely demotivated when it comes to my beadwork. I am finishing a couple of things but cannot really get inspiration for anything new. Hopefully this is just a temporary state of affairs. I am going to spend the next few days looking at my beading books and magazines to see if that sparks any ideas.

I normally have some knitting in my bag and try to knit a few rows in spare moments such as during my lunch break. I usually have a sock, hat or pair of gloves on my needles. However I also seem to have run out of steam where my knitting is concerned.

Maybe a break for a few days will re-energise me!


CraftyCripple said...

Sometimes just having a browse round my favourite blogs and Ravelry gets my brain jumping again. Maybe it's time to actually knit something in your queue. If your anything like me you will have plenty in there that you never seem to get to!

Hope you begin to handle the cold a bit better. Many layers of wool is my tip.

Anniebead said...

Thank you. I have done as you suggested and had a browse through Ravelry and my yarn stash. It is amazing what an hour or so of stroking yarn can do for the spirits. I am now happily knitting a Wooly Wormhead hat - Limpetiole.

By the way I have also invested in some thermal underwear and that has made a big difference too!