Friday, 12 August 2011


Just a quick update. A while ago I wrote about my plans to create a beaded charm bracelet to record my progress in coping with the recent changes in my life. Well, I have made the first charm. It is fairly plain but for me symbolises the start of my journey. Not trying to take on too much at once. Hence the simplicity of the design.

Also as part of my coping strategy I have started another blog, simply called Arthropy (see the link to the left). In it I try to explain what coping with a chronic illness means to me. I have been having some counselling recently and the counsellor suggested that I might want to record my thoughts in some way. I agonised for quite a long time as to whether to keep the blog private. In the end inspired by 'Stitched Together' and 'A Girl in Winter' I decided to make it public in case it might help someone else in my situation. After all, you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

Finally I have been experimenting with using 'found objects' in my bead work. This butterfly is actually sold for scrap booking but I thought that I would see if it worked as a pendant. I will tell you more about it and post some more pictures in future posts. So far I think that it looks really good and would make a great centrepiece for a Victorian inspired necklace.


agirlinwinter said...

That's a simple bead? *faints* I think the bracelet is a brilliant idea. Also, having a 'poorly' blog is to be recommended. I've found mine very helpful indeed. Sometimes it helps just to get the thoughts whirling round your head down.

Stitched Together said...

I love that bead. It's so beautiful. I really admire your beading patience. Whenever I play with the pretties I end up with big chunky beads that are easy to manoeuvre with my fat fingers. I hope that you find your new blog helpful, I think the more people speak out about health issues and tell the day to day truth of living with conditions, the more chance we have of other people understanding them.

Anniebead said...

Thank you both. Your encouragement and support means a lot.