Sunday, 30 October 2011

Autumn in the New Forest

Yesterday OH and I took a drive through the New Forest to visit Exbury Gardens. It was a bright, dry day with a slight nip in the air. The perfect day for a country walk. Autumn has been late coming to the south of England. September and much of October has been exceptionally mild. But over the last week or so the trees have started to change colour and the temperatures have begun to dip. Autumn is finally here. I love the changing seasons, Spring and Autumn are particular favourites.

Exbury has a huge collection of trees and so is famous for its Autumn colour. I took my little 'point and shoot' digital camera. I take it with me everywhere in case inspiration strikes. OH used his fancier digital SLR. Between us we got some beautiful shots. Here are a very small selection....

Part of the woodland walk takes you along the very edge of the estuary. It was a tranquil scene, with the odd boat drifting silently by.

The Sundial Garden is a particular favourite of mine. It is a totally enclosed space with formal topiary arranged around a stone sundial. The total surprise was to find it ablaze with colour. Dahlias, salvias and fuchsias blooming away as if it was the middle of August not nearly the beginning of November.

Part of the reason for going to Exbury was to relax and kick back a bit. I have been very stressed out recently and not really enjoying life. Yesterday was a great tonic. Thanks the continued love and support of OH and my friends I am slowly regaining my equilibrium and starting to feel better.


Stitched Together said...

You both got some great shots. It looks like a lovely day out. I agree that my favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn. Its watching the changes creep across the land, plus it is neither too hot or too cold, it quite often fresh and clear. Ideal photography weather in fact!

Anniebead said...

Yes, we had a great day. It certainly was good to forget about everything for a few hours.