Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We woke up on Sunday morning to discover that it was snowing. It wasn't settling on the ground but large flakes of snow were falling none the less! It doesn't snow very often on the South Coast of England so you can imagine it caused quite a stir. Inland parts of Dorset and Hampshire had a 10 cm covering by lunchtime. Thankfully the weather has warmed up a little bit although it is still bitterly cold. I love the changing seasons but snow in April is pushing it a bit!

I am on leave this week and I am spending quiet time at home. Last year was not a good one for me and my family. Two family members were taken seriously ill. One has completely recovered but unfortunately the other one died after a brave struggle with lung cancer. It was a hectic year, coping with full-time jobs and travelling to and from Devon and Somerset to see various family members and then, sadly, a trip to Somerset to attend a funeral. Then on top of that I had some health problems myself including a bout of shingles, no doubt brought on by the stress. So when I requested my Easter leave I thought that it would be good to have a quiet week at home getting on with my beading and relaxing. However, I find myself feeling a bit down and struggling to concentrate on my beadwork. It is probably a reaction to the last 18 months. My Other Half and friends as usual have been a great help. Creativity also helps.

It is not a new idea that creating something can be a help in sad and stressful times. It does really seem to help me so I will persevere with the beadwork. I am also doing some knitting in the evenings so that should help too. I have always liked the Amish idea of 'sunshine and shadows'. You can only really appreciate true happiness if you have experienced true sadness. I have a great life - a loving family, great partner, a job that I love and a wonderful set of colleagues. I have nothing to really complain about. I also find that taking a moment to really appreciate your surroundings can put things back into perspective. I am extremely fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the UK so I am going for a walk with my camera this afternoon in search of inspiration. I love architecture and often spend time looking at the buildings above street level. Many people don't look up from the every day hustle and bustle and really appreciate the beauty around them, even in a humble urban street. So next time you are shopping take a few minutes and look up you might be surprised at what you can see.

This gorgeous Art Deco roof is almost hidden by modern shop fronts.

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