Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Life, knitting and other mysteries...

My Father died nearly twenty years ago and I still miss him and think about him every day. A recent incident started me thinking about him and the influence he still continues to have on my life. He was very down to earth and practical and a good person to turn to in times of trouble. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis while still only in his mid twenties his adult life was a constant battle with ill health. He rarely complained, although he must have suffered a great deal. Whenever I told him of my troubles he would listen very carefully and give me some really good advice but would invariably end by saying. "No one ever said that life is easy or fair - you just have to make the best of it". When he died at a relatively young age from cancer I was devastated. I still feel that he is with me, guiding me, so I am trying to take his advice and I am feeling much more positive this week. As always, a friend was also a great help. After meeting her for coffee at the end of last week she suggested that I go home and spend the afternoon doing something I really enjoyed. I did just that and took up my knitting needles again. I started knitting a pair of socks for my Other Half! I have been promising to do this for over a year. So far I have been really enjoying it. The process is challenging enough to keep me engrossed but as socks are fairly small I should finish them in a day or two. Sitting in my living room knitting away I felt a sense of peace come over me. Not only was the knitting soothing but I get to keep a promise to my Other Half.

I feel bereft. My camera has been sent away for repair. I bought a digital camera in December, using some of my Birthday money. I have never been one for gadgets and the latest phone but I love my camera. It is so small that it fits easily into my pocket and it takes great pictures. Apparently it is only a minor fault with the mechanism that holds the SD Card in place so it shouldn't take long to repair. I can't wait to get it back. I use it to record the things around me and use it for inspiration for my beadwork.



a big hug for you, i'm sorry about your Dad too, ..i'm sure he is always close by you. and thank you sooo much for your kind words on my blog too, really.

funnily enough i bought two old wooden knitting needles from a charity shop in yorkshire last week, i've been meant to be learning to knit for quite a few years now, but all attempts get no further than a few messed up lines with holes and disappearing and extra stitches! but a knitted something or other has long since been promised to my mr m. too, just last night i was telling his mum that i need lessons from her, now i read your post and i am ever more convinced - now is the time i must learn to knit! thank you :)

take care, enjoy the knitting


p.s. - i had to come back as i forgot to mention - i absolutely adore that garden path - all the bricks look like little houses with little windows!

Anniebead said...

Thank you - I hope that you are OK. I think it is a great idea to take up knitting. I find it really soothing and it calms me down.
The picture of the path is one of my favourite's too. I find small things that other people often overlook fascinating.