Friday, 7 May 2010

Gardens, elections and other things..

The weeks are flying past and another Summer Term is whizzing past. Last week I took an extra day off to try to get to grips with some of the beading projects that I have on the go at the moment. I have several items partially made for my NCFE Beading course. In addition to that a group of beaders, myself included, will be taking part in the Community Celebration of Christchurch at the end of May. We are going to have a stall displaying and selling our beaded jewellery. I am really excited about it and have been making two necklaces for it and will be trying to sell them along with my Spring Flowers bracelet. Most of my waking hours seem to be consumed with either thinking about beading or actually beading! Most other things, including my knitting, are having to take a back seat at the moment.

Last weekend I took some time out to visit a local garden with my OH. It was open as part of the National Gardens Scheme. This encourages ordinary people to open their back gardens to the public. Visitors pay a small admission charge which goes to charity. This Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday my OH and I visited a beautiful garden just a few minutes walk from where we live. It is a favourite of ours and it did not disappoint. It was full of colour from rhododendrons and azaleas as well as a host of spring bulbs. They also always serve a mouthwatering selection of homemade cakes too.

Yesterday I took some time out in the evening to go an vote in the General Election. Our route to the Polling Station took us through Alum Chine, a deep, wooded ravine which leads down to the sea. As we were walking back I was struck yet again by how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. I was really happy to note that there were a lot of people coming to vote. I can never remember see a queue at a Polling Station before. It makes me really angry when people are only too happy to complain about the state of the economy, the NHS etc... but can't be bothered to vote and try to change things. I don't feel that this blog is the right place to discuss party politics but let me simply say that I was disappointed to discover the result for my constituency when I woke up this morning, although to honest the outcome was fairly predictable.

My route to the Polling Station

I am currently considering whether to carry on with this blog as, according to StatCounter it is only ever read by 2 or 3 people. Although I suppose I was being a bit arrogant in assuming that anyone would be interested in what I have to say.

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Where the nodding violets grow said...

I love the NGS scheme. A passport to look at other people's gardens. I get lots of ideas, plants and afternoon teas from these. It's what makes the summer interesting. You have a lovely walk to your polling station. Your photos are great. I hope you continue to write your blog. I haven't followed for long but I have enjoyed reading it. I look forward to looking at photos of gardens that you have visited and reading about your craft work.