Monday, 6 June 2011

Fun Days Out (Part Two)

The Saturday before last I met up with a couple of friends and, along with OH, we went to visit The Knitted Garden in Bournemouth Public Library. You may have heard of it. Lots of community groups around Bournemouth worked together to recreate a garden completely made out of yarn. I had read about it and assumed that it would be a small display in a corner of the Library. Nothing could be further from the truth. It occupied most of the Library space! Knitted and crocheted flowers were everywhere, twining around pillars, spilling over bookshelves and there was even a knitted vase of flowers on the Enquiry Desk.

There were creatures galore, bugs of various sizes, frogs, mice, hedgehogs, spiders, birds, a barn owl with a mouse hanging from its beak and a rather scary looking cat. There was even a life-sized green man sitting in a deck chair. Apparently the Library staff have been having great fun by moving him around the building and giving him different books to read such as an Alan Titchmarsh gardening book. The sheer scale an exuberance of the whole thing really bowled me over. Not just the huge amount of work that had obviously gone into creating it, but also how well it had been integrated into the space. It really made me wish that we could do something similar in the Library where I work. Another bonus was the amount of people it attracted, some of whom might never have set foot in the building before.

A knitted and crocheted picnic and barbecue. I particularly liked the knitted prawns.

I was really taken with this sweet little mole poking his head through the knitted grass. My rather blurry photo doesn't really do him justice.

As a Librarian I couldn't resist taking a shot of the Returned Books Bay festooned with flowers.

Flowers of every shape, size and colour adorn the entrance lobby to the Library.

Another favourite. You can only admire the patience it must have taken to knit all of those bees!

I would love to have a pond like this on my living room. I don't have a garden at the moment and it would certainly be low maintenance!

After our tour of the garden we walked to a nearby Cafe Nero for coffee, cake and lots of laughter. The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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