Friday, 4 January 2013

Hello, remember me?

It is with utmost shame that I note my last post was in August. This has been for a variety of reasons. My health has not been too good. I seem to have spent a lot of time hanging around in hospitals and having quantities of blood taken. Work has been difficult. So busy that at times I have had to put in extra time in the evenings and weekends. Also my Mother has not been well. She spent some time in hospital in November but happily is now well on the road to recovery. To be honest blogging has been far from my thoughts for months.

However, things are improving. Work is not so hectic and I am feeling better, so with OH's encouragement, I am posting again.

The beginning of December saw a significant landmark for me - my 50th Birthday! I find it very hard sometimes reconciling the image that I see in the mirror every morning with the how I feel inside. Granted that when I am having an arthritis flair up I can feel about 90 when I get out of bed, but most of the time I still feel as though I am in my 20s. It is a bit disconcerting sometimes when I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a shop window and I wonder who that strange grey haired woman is. Sometimes I even think I have seen my Mother!

I started my Birthday celebrations with a meal at a local restaurant with OH and a group of close friends. We had a lovely evening. The next day we went off to Bath for the weekend. It was a joint Birthday celebration as OH's Birthday is 3 days before mine. The weather was bitterly cold but we had a lovely time.

As you can see the hotel room was very grand, with four poster bed and views across bath to the Abbey.

The Christmas market was being held that weekend and it gave me the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.

I couldn't go to Bath and not visit The Makery. Luckily there is a pub next door, much to OH's relief.

And of course we couldn't go to Bath without actually visiting the baths themselves. 


I bought some lovely fabric from The Makery and Country Threads. But more about that in my future posts.

We finished our time in Bath with a visit to the American Museum, where we were befriended by a curious robin.

We returned home tired but very happy. A lovely way to mark my half a century!

If you are wondering where the beading and creative stuff has gone, I have not been idle. More of that in my next post. So goodbye for now. It feels great to be back and a happy New Year to everyone.


Stitched Together said...

Bath is such a lovely place to visit. What a great birthday treat. My birthday is the same day as my OH. This year I want to go somewhere special as it is my 40th (his 39th). Bath is maybe a nice idea, because I don't think he has been and I haven't been in decades!

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tammy sons said...

Id love to visit England. Such a beautiful bed and hotel room!I have a hairdresser in US from England. She goes back to see her family a couple times a year and gives me all the info. on your country! I love the Queen and royalty. But Bath is where Id love to stay.