Thursday, 5 April 2012


The weekend before last we took a walk from where we live in Westbourne down through Bournemouth Gardens to the town centre. It was beautiful day, very warm and the birds were singing.

We walked past the rather melancholy lions standing guard over the War Memorial.

Past the beautiful Redwood trees with their wonderful bark.

And past the ornate Victorian water tower.

It was a day which made you feel glad to be alive! I have been struggling a bit with my illness recently so the tranquil walk was soothing.

Surrounded by new shoots and blossom helped me to feel better.

I am really undecided about the future of this blog. I haven't posted for quite a while as I lost the enthusiasm to do so. I will write more about this in my other blog 'Arthropy'.

I have still been creating things and that has helped a lot. A colleague at work asked me to make her some earrings to wear to her daughter's wedding this Saturday. She had already purchased a necklace and I used that as my inspiration. It consisted of a series of cabochons in various shades of red, linked by gold metal daisy shaped flowers.

Taking the flower motif from the necklace I used the Seed Bead Flowers tutorial from Preserve Jewelry Designs as a starting point and added my own spin on it. The earrings were then glued onto gold clip-on earring pads. I also added some 6x14 mm Swarovski briolette drops in Light Siam. Unfortunately I forgot to photography the finished earrings but the above photograph gives you a fair idea of how they turned out.

I created a number of samples to show her before she chose the Seed Bead Flowers. I will probably use the samples to develop more ideas. they will go into my 'work in progress' box for now.

I now have a week off from work. During that time I will try to relax and get my creative juices flowing again. Hopefully that will help me get back on track.


agirlinwinter said...

Beautiful photos. I hope you do continue with the blog. I enjoy reading it anyway. I think it's good to have a 'happy' place to talk about creativity away from illness and other horrible things.

Ferrers said...

Is that really a Victorian water tower and not just a folly? If it is a water tower, I'd love to know exactly where it is and anything else you know about it.

The first reinforced concrete water tower in England, was in Meyrick Park: Built in 1900 for Bournemouth council; it was for watering the cricket pitch, bowling greens and golf course. Despite being listed, the tower was demolished in 1994.


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

I saw a link from your blog to my etsy shop. Many thanks for the shout out. Your designs and color selections were lovely. Great work.